ARFF presents its members will advantages which is not limited to the Malaysia borders. ARFF understand the importance and potential of border-less business prospects. Hence, ARFF offer member the advantage and benefits not many organisation can.

Eventful Membership

ARFF organised members’ Networking Sessions & Business Matching Activities

Regular networking sessions are organized to provide members with the platform to:

  • Establish business connection among the business communities within the ASEAN region
  • Exchange of business know-how
  • Establish business collaboration

Publicity & Newsletter & Social Media Platform

Members have a platform to:

  • Publicize company profile, company development and activities
  • Widely disseminate marketing campaign and promotional updates
  • Capture a larger audience / participation in business / marketing activities
  • Increase engagement with potential customers via ARFF social media channels and various network

Corporate & Government Visits

  • ARFF will periodically organize courtesy visits to fellow members' company to understand and establish stronger relationship
  • Members are invited to be part of the delegation for courtesy visits to related government agencies such as MATRADE, KPDNKK and MED
  • Occasional courtesy visits are also made to Embassies and Trade Commissioner’s Offices

ARFF Lifestyle Reward Programme

Members also enjoy between 10% - 50% discount on head to toes products and services offered by other ARFF members

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